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Start-up Accelerator Strategy

Our interventions for start-ups are based on the urgent need for growth. Our recommendations will accelerate customer acquisition process through understanding of unique needs.

Accelerator programs make the start-up nimble-footed enough to respond to market challenges. It can lead to sustained growth and immediate generation of revenues.

Related Projects

Aanvii Hearing Solutions:

Aanvii Hearing Solutions, operates hearing clinics and provides aftercare, with the wide range of hearing aids and auditory solutions. Aanvii Hearing specializes in checking the hearing capacity with pure tone audiometry & tympanometry products and services. They operate around 40 hearing clinics with qualified audiologists, across South and West India.

Prostoo Consulting was engaged to develop the vision statement, brand strategy and execution for the retailing initiative. The retail rollout and go-to-market program resulted in quick scale-up to 40 clinics in eighteen months, from 12 clinics earlier. The topline grew by 5.5X in the same period led by the ramp-up of stores and sharp business focus on the vertical.

  • Engagement : Retail Expansion & Go-to-market
  • Client : Aanvii Hearing, Bengaluru
  • Business : Auditory Solutions & Hearing Aids
  • Results : 5.5X Revenue Growth In 18 Months